Slow Reps Vs Fast Reps - Which is Better for Building Muscle?

December 01, 2016 2 Comments

Everyone has their own routine when it comes to working out, including the number of reps, sets and how quickly you do them. If you are confused in choosing between fast or slow reps, watch the above video to learn about rep speeds and time under tension and find out if it’s worth switching up your speed!

One of the great advantages of fast reps is reaching muscular fatigue, or failure, more quickly, which is one to the key to muscle growth. When doing fast reps, you also lift an amount closer to your max rep weight, which results in higher work volume.

If you are a beginner or working on your form, slow reps are great for you, as slow reps allow you more control over the weights and your body’s movement when lifting.




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January 22, 2017

Look at your diet Kevin!


January 21, 2017

I am soo confused! I feel like I’m stuck doing the same thing over and over again and I just can’t get past what I already lift! How do I get myself to start lifting heavier weight!!!! I need major help! What are the best sets and reps to do? What excersises?? I want to get bigger, stronger, with vascularity! I mean, my body has shape for it, just not the build! Please please please someone help me! I tried lifting heavy with less reps, I tried going light with more reps, I tried pyramiding, I’ve tried doing 2 sets, I’ve tried 3 sets! Nothing ever works! I have got to know what to do! What is the secret!!!! Is there a magic steroid out there I don’t know about?? Please someone let me know!! I want a larger chest and rock hard arms!!!!!! Shit!

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